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Tonight’s blog features pictures of the frogs in my yard. Be forewarned that these are mature froggy-pictures. The long story short of these pictures is that I found Scooter-the-wonder-schnauzer in the backyard tonight doing an awful lot of circling and barking about what appeared to be nothing… but turned out to be these frogs. Since I’d never seen this precise phenomenon before, and the frogs were being so photogenic, I thought I’d share:

Frogs 1


 Not that Scooter and I were the only ones interested in this phenomena… there was also a peeping-tom frog watching from the pond:

But he swam away after being photographed:

For what it’s worth, the two main characters were apparently unbothered by the barking, the pawing, and the flashing. No frogs were harmed in the making of these pictures.  


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A man of too many friends comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

 What separates the passing friends– the ones who enter your life for some short time, but who don’t stay– from the real friends– the friend who sticks closer than a brother, who will be there for years to come through good times and bad? Why do some people just pass through life, while others stay and become part of the fabric of the self? What is it that makes souls connect? And why?

 I don’t have any answers for that. I don’t pretend to understand it. But I’m grateful to those deep, closer-than-a-brother friends who’ve stood by me year after year, shared life, and become part of me. Friendships like that are what make life worth living, and give the closest thing I can imagine to a bit of heaven on earth.  

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I’ll get back to you when I can figure out what this is stranger THAN, though.

 Now, I’m generally in support of most anything that will encourage people towards spirituality and increasing time spent in prayer/Bible study… but I’m just not sure that this is it…. 

Click Here

What you’ll find is the “lavalamp prayer application.” The site provides an e-lavalamp, into which you can type your prayers. A couple of selections from the FAQ:

But is this *real* prayer?
Why not? What makes a prayer ‘real’? Does prayer have to take place in a church building or using certain ‘special’ words? Christians prayer in wide variety of ways – if you mean it, then it’s the real thing.

Do I have to pray?
Of course not. We thought some folks might just like to use the lamp as an aid to meditation – watching the blobs can be very relaxing and help you focus. It’s also very groovy for parties should you not be able to afford a real lavalamp – and someone can always leave a prayer whilst reaching for the twiglets (although they’re probably praying that you’d switch the computer off – this is a party…)


‘Pray, then, in this way:

Boot up your computer. (Be sure that you’re using JesusOS)

Start your lavalamp prayer app.

Input the following: Our Father, who art in heaven….”


I think Jesus is probably shaking his head and saying something about how we’re still not getting it. Up next, for valentine’s day, the SignificantOtherLamp– saves you all that pesky time actually talking to your significant other…

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I just realized my blog now has SNAP! Check it out– hover over a link and observe. Be amazed. Be very amazed. This is why I LOVE WordPress! 🙂

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Well, this is fun… over at The Mattress Police the author is taking a year off of work with a contest to suggest reading for the year. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t resist telling people to read books, so my recommendations are either:

The Odyssey


 The Illiad

Ok, per The List:

These are English translations, can be purchased for less than $10, are relatively short, and definitely have the requisite redeeming qualities (classic, beautiful writing, great storyline) and components of potential interest to the normal adult male human. They are, of course, not Harlequin romances, racist diatribes, pornographic, knitting manuals, or about making things out of macaroni. Best of luck! (And here’s hoping these make the list…)

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