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Tonight’s blog features pictures of the frogs in my yard. Be forewarned that these are mature froggy-pictures. The long story short of these pictures is that I found Scooter-the-wonder-schnauzer in the backyard tonight doing an awful lot of circling and barking about what appeared to be nothing… but turned out to be these frogs. Since I’d never seen this precise phenomenon before, and the frogs were being so photogenic, I thought I’d share:

Frogs 1


 Not that Scooter and I were the only ones interested in this phenomena… there was also a peeping-tom frog watching from the pond:

But he swam away after being photographed:

For what it’s worth, the two main characters were apparently unbothered by the barking, the pawing, and the flashing. No frogs were harmed in the making of these pictures.  

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It’s time for new aquarium shots. Newest residents include a blue linkia (added last night after a 5 hour acclimation, sorry for the bad shot) and a clam.

Sand sifting sea star:

Blue Linkia:

Cleaner shrimp:


Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tang:

Tank (Left side):

Red with Green Stripe Mushrooms:

Green plate:

Pink Ricordia:

Neon Goby:

Neon Goby and Midas Blenny:

 Midas Blenny:


Christmas Tree Favia:


Acans Feeding:

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For everyone who’s been asking, new pics of the aquarium:

Blue Tuxedo Urchin

Yellow-bellied blue tang

Blue-stripe neon goby:


Red Ricordia:

Porites (yellow and blue-green):


Orange Acan:

Finger leather:



Clowns and Anemones:




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For your viewing enjoyment… some of the fruit (or flower) of my weekend and the Springtime!

 My windowbox:


Lovely Pansies

Weeping Cherry– blooming for the first time

Spring Tulip!

And hyacinth

It’s spring… and it’s beautiful.

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More snow pics

Just a few more pics:

At 7am:

Out my front door which won’t entirely open (shows the 10 inches of snow):

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It is snowing in Tulsa. More specifically: it’s snowing the kind of snowing that makes Tulsa shut down, while the meteorologists talk giddily about records and perfect dual-storm systems with talk of “thunder snow,” and the newscasters (all the young ones who obviously are at the bottom of the reporting news chain) out in the storm talking about how miserably cold it is. We’re expected to get somewhere between 5 and 12 inches… and did I mention that it was 80 yesterday morning? Yeah. 80. Gotta love Oklahoma! I’ve taken a few pictures, and will probably take more later.

  At 4pm:

And at 5:

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