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God and Gardening

I always feel closest to God when I’m outside, particularly when I’ve got my hands in the dirt or am messing with animals. Jesus always used a lot of farming-type metaphors, and of course humanity’s first task was tending a garden, so maybe that’s why. Or maybe it’s just part of how I was made. Regardless, it often ends up being a spiritual exercise for me. 

Today, I was doing a lot of weeding. I’ve neglected my flowerbeds over the last few months: the grass started growing in with the flowers, then I didn’t want to pull the grass out b/c I knew most of the flowers would come with it, but it finally got to the point where the grass was definitely choking out the flowers. So today was Weeding Day. And as I was weeding (and feeling a bit sad as I ripped out some beautiful flowers with the weeds), it occurred to me that the weeding process is a lot like what God does with my life as he changes my plans for his plans. Out come the weeds, out come some pretty flowers with the weeds, and everything looks empty and ugly… prepared for fresh flowers, fresh mulch and something much better than what it was before. 

So here’s to remembering that, especially when God’s ripping out my flowers along with all the weeds.


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