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It’s time for new aquarium shots. Newest residents include a blue linkia (added last night after a 5 hour acclimation, sorry for the bad shot) and a clam.

Sand sifting sea star:

Blue Linkia:

Cleaner shrimp:


Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tang:

Tank (Left side):

Red with Green Stripe Mushrooms:

Green plate:

Pink Ricordia:

Neon Goby:

Neon Goby and Midas Blenny:

 Midas Blenny:


Christmas Tree Favia:


Acans Feeding:

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Recent knitting has been of the baby-gift sort. The following are the two most recent gifts:

Bibs for Baby Parker:

Rowan Cotton, basketweave pattern with crocheted edge:

Rowan Denim, garter st edge and monogram:

Hats for Baby Tyler:

Lace pattern bonnet in mercenized cotton:

Yarn unknown, rolled brim knit from child’s grandmother’s stash:

Lorna’s Laces Angora blend:

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