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Well, this is fun… over at The Mattress Police the author is taking a year off of work with a contest to suggest reading for the year. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t resist telling people to read books, so my recommendations are either:

The Odyssey


 The Illiad

Ok, per The List:

These are English translations, can be purchased for less than $10, are relatively short, and definitely have the requisite redeeming qualities (classic, beautiful writing, great storyline) and components of potential interest to the normal adult male human. They are, of course, not Harlequin romances, racist diatribes, pornographic, knitting manuals, or about making things out of macaroni. Best of luck! (And here’s hoping these make the list…)


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“Blessed are the ears that hear the pulse of the Divine Whisperer, and give no heed to the many whisperings of the world”
~Thomas a Kempis

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“Disturb us, God, to dare more boldly, to venture on wilder seas, Where storms will show Your mastery; Where loosing sight of the land, we shall find the stars. We ask You to push back the horizon of our hopes; and to push us in the future, In strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge, beauty, faith, hope and love.”
                                                           – Sir Francis Drake

How often do we pray prayers like this? Do we? Do we want God to disturb us, or do we want him to make us comfortable? The problem with prayers like this, of course, is that they’re a bit scary to pray. To ask God to disturb us, to give us wilder seas, to help us loose sight of the land… these are the sorts of prayers he rather has a way of answering even beyond our expectations. And I find myself hesitating. Because I’m not quite sure, God, that I want that prayer answered. And then in a moment of faith, the fire burns within me and I want it. I want to be in the places where God shows his mastery in the wild, untamed fury of the seas…. where land is lost and hopes are pushed away in the face of that which is Other and More. Fear is here, but so is the unknowable, the ancient, the consuming fire. It is enough, and more than enough,  and I am overwhelmed. Let the fire burn. Disturb me, God…

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Cool tools (for knitting)

Oooh…. I heard about a new, fun knitting tool today I definitely want to get at some point:


I typically avoid knitting really complicated patterns because I carry my knitting with me and don’t want the bother of keeping up with row counts…. this seems like it might be helpful in ending that!

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 I ran across this this morning– quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. It’s written for and by Catholics, but I rather suspect it resonates with the rest of us just as well. Enjoy!

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Places I’ve visited inside the good old US of A:

create your own personalized map of the USA
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